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Throughout my diverse career I have been honored with recognition for thinking outside the box and have led and developed businesses and organizations in Virginia, Washington, and now California.

Graduating with honors in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech gave me the skill to develop Holdren's, a retail appliance and electronics company, into one nationally recognized for its many innovations. One of the most important of those innovations was my work in the development of the home theater concept. During that time, I conceived of, designed, and sold a very profitable 14 store rental company within a 4 year time span.  

But life isn't just about work and making a profit. It's about giving back; It's about empowering others to make lasting changes in their own lives. To that end,  I volunteered as president of several influential community organizations that helped to improve the lives of many in Central and Southwestern Virginia.

After Holdren's was sold, I moved on to become the U.S. Director of Interdev, a small but influential international organization based in Seattle. Here, my primary role was to help generate funding from the U.S. to support Interdev's innovative partnership building efforts throughout Central Asia. While there Interdev's revenues more than doubled.

In 2002 I went back to school and graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. The unique combination of education and work experience gives me a powerful perspective in Real Estate. Since moving to the Central Coast over 16 years ago, I have held key sales and management positions before becoming a Realtor. I offer extensive knowledge of San Luis Obispo County neighborhoods, schools, community offerings, market conditions, property values, zoning regulations and other ordinances. I also enjoy superb working relationships with professionals in the areas of finance, real estate law, title search, home inspection, and appraisal.

Presently, my family and I live in the Five Cities area of San Luis Obispo County and I represent Big Block Realty, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the U.S.

"Making Dreams Come True Stan’s expertise and knowledge of real estate was instrumental in us finding our dream home at the central coast. He was always available for an in-person consultation and quickly answered any questions we had via text. I felt fully supported in this process from making the initial offer to closing on the loan. I have not only had the honor of working with a wonderful realtor but my family has truly gained a bond of friendship. Verified by RateMyAgent "

  -Clint Soares, Client

"Stan was extremely patient and quick to respond to any questions or concerns my wife and/or I had. As first time home buyers you can imagine how green we were to all of this. He explained every detail of the process in terms we could understand, met with us and/or took our calls, texts, and emails during weekdays, weekends, holidays (literally), mornings, and nights, and was both personable and professional, which is something my wife and I absolutely loved. Stan helped negotiate terms, credits, and closing costs that allowed us to afford our first home on the central coast of California. I will be recommending Stan to my friends and family as not only a highly proficient real estate agent in the central coast, but as someone you can expect to get a call from months down the road to make sure everything is still going well and to offer any help if needed."

  -Patrick Scott, Client

"It started a couple of years ago with getting his opinion regarding the color the board was going to paint the PUD's. When we got ready to sell we contacted him as we felt very competent with him and his ability. We were not wrong!! He put our place on the market and within 11 days it was sold. He not only helped when the buyer's agent got a little pushy but when we didn't quite didn't understand as we have lived in the place for 25 years and things were different now than they were 25 years ago when sold our last place. My husband and I feel that we made the right choice with Stan and he now has become a friend and we would recommend him highly"

  -Phylis Trujillo, Client

"Stan Cross was amazing to work with! He listened to what I was needing and wanting in a new home. Stan was also very respectful of my budget and made me feel as if he totally had my best interest at heart. Every time a new property came on the market he was "on it"to make sure I had the quickest opportunity to see it. Stan was also always available if I had any questions or concerns throughout the entire process of looking, bidding and finalizing the purchase of my new home. StanCross is a very trustworthy and reliable realtor to work with!!! If and when I ever need a realtor, it will definitely be Stan Cross. Thank you Stan for everything you do!!!"

  -Nicole Richards, Client

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