Interest Rates, 401Ks and Deals

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Real Estate

It's Coming Back!

While still somewhat down from last year... the real estate market in our area is continuing the upward trend. May pending sales ended down 34%... but June is looking better and may end up close to last year's sales. That is saying a lot considering all that has happened.

Why? There are a number of reasons.

1) Pent up demand. People who have held back their plans to buy this Spring are now re-entering the market.

2) We have the lowest interest rates ever. If you haven't looked recently, plug in your high budget and 2.8% for 30 years and discover a very low payment. Most likely you can afford more than you thought! (If you want to become pre-approved I have several awesome lenders to recommend. And... you have to be pre-approved to see homes now.)

3) 401Ks are roaring back. People are feeling more secure... and have more funds for down payments.

4) Deals. That is right. In some cases, because sales were slow, many sellers are dropping prices. That may not last so if you are thinking of buying the timing might not be better than right now.

If you are a buyer... it might be time to go for it. Let me know... I can help you find and negotiate a great deal on a home you love.

If you are a seller... let me list your home and my new listing plan will insure you'll receive the highest demand possible in this market. High demand means selling at a higher price.

Let me keep you in touch with the almost daily changing real estate market trends! Call, text or email me anytime. I want to help you navigate this market... to your benefit!

Hang in there!