Kept Equity. It matters more than you may realize!

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Real Estate

What does Kept Equity really mean?

Any decent Realtor can "sell" your home.

The more important question is... after the home is sold what will your bank account look like?

The Kept Equity strategy and plan was developed to insure you receive a greater return on the investment in your home than almost any other listing plan. 

What does it take to put more $$$ in your pocket when escrow closes?

It take takes a team dedicated to the goal:

1) The finest photographer who produces unparalleled photos, virtual tours, 3d tours and a powerful custom website.

2) A designer/stager who delivers low or no cost suggestions on how to improve the appeal of your home to buyers.

3) A transaction coordinator dedicated to delivering a low stress process from beginning to close.

It takes unparalleled customization... including utilizing a custom for sale sign selling your home... not the brokerage.

It takes a realtor willing to share a greater portion his commission with the buyer's agent... generating more enthusiasm during the selling process.

I am that Realtor. I have the team to get it done!

When you (or anyone you know) are ready to sell I will sit down with you and explain the details of the plan.

Also, check out the "Listing Plan" tab on my webite,!