Opportunity Strikes!

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Real Estate

Are you an opportunist?

If you are... the emerging real estate market may be for you. Over the past several years we've had a very strong seller's market. In many cases buyers have had to compete with multiple offers on the property they love. So often they lost out to higher bidders. And those who have won have paid dearly for it.

That difficult and frustrating situation no longer exists. Competition is far less. The chance to win the property you love at a very attractive price has dramatically increased. If you are a cash buyer you are in a wonderful position to make it happen.

What if you are not a cash buyer? Are you stuck with the much higher interest rates? Not necessarily. Some are using lower interest adjustable rate loans with the strategy to refinance within 5 years when rates are projected to be lower again.

My lender partners and I can help if this sounds like a possibility for you. Please call, text or email me and I'll talk with your about your needs and desires for a new home and then will advise you about next steps.

If you truly are an opportunist... now might be exactly the right time!