Profoundly Grateful... Where We Live

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I have lived in so many places... Roanoke, Virginia (my hometown)... Winston-Salem, North Carolina... Buena Vista, Colorado... New York City... Seattle... London... and I can honestly say none have been more beautiful, peaceful and fun than here on the Central Coast where glorious green and golden mountains meet the diamond studded sea. Dozens of unique beaches all with their own micro-climates and character, walks along the bluffs and shore, trails on wide open spaces, trails through the redwoods, bike paths everywhere.

Nature abounds. I will never forget the first time I stood on the San Luis Bay pier and watched thousands of various sea birds diving for anchovies in competition with the herds of seals and with whales breaching right and left. A glorious spectacle of nature I never knew existed. Life expanded in all its glory that day. I love being in and witnessing nature!

And the climate. Oh the climate! Living much of my life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia... many times freezing cold in the winter... and being stuck in the humidity and heat of the summer... I really never knew there could be a place in the U.S. with the weather being so pleasant almost all of the year. I'll never forget calling my friend on the Central Coast while I was standing outside in 20 degree weather with the snow blowing... asking her what her weather was like and hearing her say... oh, it is 70 degrees and the sun is shinning. How could that be???!!!

This place is so worth investing in. This place is so worth finding ways to make it home.

How grateful I am to have lived here in this amazing place for over 15 years now. Lucky doesn't begin to capture it.

So grateful I can share the Central Coast with you!