What happened to real estate in August?

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Central Coast August 2020 Results


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good August.

I know we are all navigating as best we can these extraordinary times. If you have questions, concerns or ideas about your property here it would be my privilege to help you in any way possible. I thrive on serving your best interest.

The rose above is in my back garden... and represents the rosy results of the real estate market here in August. But, remember the rose includes thorns.

Closed sales in San Luis Obispo county for the month of August were up 12%... continuing the trend set in July. Biggest reasons remain low interest rates and pent up demand. Combine this trend with the fact that active listings were 36% below last year and it is obvious that the seller's market continues in high gear. Homes are selling faster than ever... days on market were a whopping 50% below last year. Price per square foot is creeping up as well.

Closed sales in our 5 cities area were not quite as strong being down 5%. But considering the circumstances we are all dealing with this is still a good number. Active listings were down 40% and therefore days on market were also shorter by 50% compared with last year. Every area of the county remains in a strong seller's market.

So... now continues to be a great time to sell if you are considering that. Please email, call or text me so that we can discuss your home's value, the current market and my extraordinary listing plan. It is a unique approach to listings re-designed from the ground up to sell your home at a higher price than almost all other plans.

Email, text  or call me for the details!